“Life is Unfair”

You will not find me, I will leave with no traces behind…

I will go to the hills surrounded by a still lake and tall trees

I will in live the caves under the mountains…

I will go down the hills everyday wait for you near the lake where you had promised to meet me.

Then one day I will see you coming…
walking towards me…
That sweet smile..
and my heart melts!!

We will sit in serene peace and sip our favorite hot chocolate milk.
We will talk about the lives we have lived without each other.
We will talk about everything that includes us.

You will stand behind me while I cook and listen to the old jazz music in the kitchen.
I can feel your breath on my neck.
There is a storm in my heart and fire in my chest…

I want to be with you in this moment, in every moment…

I remember the nights when I wanted to talk about so many things to you but you weren’t there. And how every time I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote all the things that I ever wanted to say and kept the letters in the drawer next to my bed.

We will watch movies on the couch and then slowly you happen to touch my hand and run your fingers behind my back.

We have dinner in our cozy cabin and you will bring a bottle of wine and live all those moments that we always craved for.

We will marvel at the dark blue sky and wonder how many times have we missed each other thinking that sometime somewhere you are counting the stars too

We sit near the fire place and you will hold my hand.
I wrap all piecies of you and place it safely like a flower petal in my favourite book
And just when I am about to wrap you in my arms and cuddle you under my blanket…
the light goes on…
And you will not find me…

I will leave no traces behind…
Life’s so unfair as all those things that are beautiful and good are not there anymore…

Tasneem Bharmal
       (Guest Writer)
   Check her Instagram profile also.

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