My Darling Girl by Mani Mehala

Wipe your tears.
Stop your trembling.
And listen carefully.
Relationships are blast furnace crucibles for growth.
I created you for the sole purpose of loving.
To experience love, to embody love and to embrace lovingly all who cross your path.
Not for you, an armor or a shield to protect your heart.

For then you would not be able to connect as finely as you do now, with the souls of those you encounter.
In this life, you will walk open and unguarded.
This comes with risk.

You will fall, you will bruise.
You will cut yourself open, you will bleed.
You will catch fire and burn in anguish.
You already know that the higher the stakes, the greater the risk.
The greater the risk, the greater the love.
And child… I didn’t make you for no ordinary love.
When you offer your heart to someone, it is with the natural hope that the person on the receiving end will handle it with care.
But sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way.
Sometimes, people are captivated by your aura – but they don’t know what they want with you exactly.

Sometimes, they gravitate into your orbit yet the timing might not be right.
And sometimes, they simply might not know how to recognize the magnitude of your love.
How to receive it for the gift that it is. And reciprocate in equal measure.

Whatever the reason – understand it is not your fault when it doesn’t work out. You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t fail.
My darling girl, you bring so much beauty and grace into this world!
You brighten the lives of those who surround you with your warmth, color and energy.
Don’t let someone who cannot receive your love, dim your spirit.
You are not to measure your worth by someone else’s inability to see your magnificence.

I, the Universe – the Infinite and the constantly unfolding cosmos with no beginning and no ending – I am writing your love story.
I know your penchant for happy endings.
Do you doubt that I would deny you?
But we must have a narrative, a plot with twists and turns – must we not, Miss Writer? 😉
So there WILL be Pirates and Vikings in the story.
Villains and heroes.

There will be nail biting chapters – filled with suspense, adventure and exhilaration.
And there will be paragraphs of darkness, disillusionment and disappointment.
The heroine’s path is just as arduous as the hero’s journey.
But when you finally meet your equal, it will feel easy.
You will not encounter uncertainty.
Only the joy of recognition.
And the calm of certitude.
Come now. Pick up yourself.
The sun is shining. Go out and play.
The best is yet to be.


Cover Photo : Internet

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