The Chosen One by Anchal Gupta

Deep cuts,
Lots of buts,
Unspoken wandering,
Finger with the mark of the ring,
Sweet and sour,
Like a fruit of the hour ,
Blood leaking out,
Seed ready to sprout,
Pain and contractions,
Empathyless reactions,
Carving out the body,
Casting a spirit dark and shady,
Rose the one,
Quiet but not numb,
Bearing in his veins,
Blood shed leaving stains,
Whisperings reached,
King got the feed,
The army marched,
For the throne to be protected,
From the unacceptable,
Yet the rightful heir from the wretched,
Glories began to be inked,
To be sung after the battle,
Though it wasn’t over yet,
But the throne was predictably settle,
Crowned king hustle and then he roar ,
Threatened still by the newborn and the power he wore,
Numbness stroke,
The baby of the oak,
Thunder and lighting,
Prevailed what the baby bring,
Sudden hole in the sky,
And comes a dragon flying high,
Eyes ruby red,
And skin all golden clad,
The chosen one got the fire in his heart,
As the dragon was his soul’s part,
King got frightened from the shining death,
Still rose against with his ego and wrath,
Fireballs from the dragon’s mouth,
Burned in ashes the army of the south,
King began to tremble,dropped his sword,
Prayed for his life as remembered the prophet’s word,
The empire would shake,
As the sky will break,
Gold would fly with blood red eyes,
Nothing to escape from the pure mother’s cries,
She who gave the birth to the one,
Would finally change the fate of the sun,
That rises in the sky of south,
For no more turmoil and the peace would be out,
The chosen one got the throne,with the King’s doom,
As he reached the age and the land then bloom.

Anchal Gupta

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