A Father daughter relationship through illustrations


“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed me”

– As Jim Valvanco

This statement speaks loud about a father daughter relationship. When a dad encourages his daughters to dream big they empower them for the future. When a father make his daughter feel safe and protected, it gives the daughter a perspective on how to see life, how to treat others (and expect to be treated), and even how to see herself.

Lets meet an artist  from  India, based  in  Singapore Debasmita Dasgupta, Founder  of My Father illustrations, who illustrates story series  to promotes girl child rights engaging fathers and daughters through artistic exchanges. “My Father illustrations” is dedicated all fathers in this world who stand as the pillars of strength for their children. They are always the Best!!! Through this project, she illustrate true tales of fathers who fearlessly fight for the rights of their daughters and have shared over 155 stories from 39 countries. The stories and quotes are mostly real (sources are credited in the posts) however visualization of characters are based on her imagination.

In August 2015, she introduced a new chapter to her project called “Doodle with Dad”. She partnered with 2 community-based organizations in Mumbai and brought together fathers and daughters from underprivileged communities to share their stories and doodle with each other.  The first “Doodle with Dad” video is available on her Facebook page.

  1. When the winds go wild, the waves change course. Stay calm, Stay Strong, pick the right wave and move on. Enjoy the tale of sprightly father-daughter, fearless surfers from Nicaragua (Central America) – Valentina & Manuel Resano through Debasmita’s art.


  2. Life is not about falling down. It is about rising with grace. Dipa Karmakar (22 yrs old) is the first female Indian gymnast ever to secure an Olympic berth. Her father, Dulal gives full credit to Dipa’s hardwork. But she knows, without her father this journey couldn’t be possible.

    dipa karmakar

  3. My father has taught me to fight for the right!!! Father / mentor / coach – Younis Qambrani, of 17-year old Anum Qambrani from Pakistan, believes that boxing is a shield that protects her from all odds in life and inspires her to be an international boxer.


  4. Tell us how you wanna show your world to your little girl. Beijing based photographer, Stefen Chow, who went on a mini adventure with his 2-year old daughter.

    stefen chow

  5. Mamta Kharab ‎hockey‬ ‎player‬ from ‎India‬.

    mamta kharab

  6. Sunita Williams, astronaut‬.

    sunita williams

  7. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is a Pakistani journalist, activist and filmmaker. She is the first Pakistani to win an Academy Award and the first to win twice.
    sharmeen obaid
  8. Shabana Azmi who is a famous India actor and social activist shares her teaching from father regarding the perception of Beauty.


  9. Harmanpreet scored a 31-ball 46 against Australia in January 2016 that brought home a record victory for India. Growing up in a remote village in Punjab, she says, “We (girls) would often have to play on the corner pitches because the boys got the main pitches”. It is not easy to become a cricketer in India if you’re a woman. Many were against her. But one man who stood tall by her side was her father. He continues to be her lifeline.

    harmanpreet kaur

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