THE STRUGGLE – Aarzu Sandhu

When reality hits you and you’re just not ready to deal with it yet
When you can see everyone pass you by
The minutes become days, days become months
While you’re right where you were, a few seconds ago it seems

Can you not see?
Can you not sense?
The pain one feels
The difficulty in moving forward
The struggle to face not one day at a time, but an hour, sometimes even a minute at a time
The fight
Which everybody fails to see
In this ignorant, selfish world

Or is one just naive?
When others say, “this time will pass
It’s all in your hands
Why don’t you try harder?
Why don’t you come out of it?
This is not a good place to be”
Doesn’t one feel silly and pushed right back to where the struggle started from?

Why then can the pain still not be seen?
Still not be sensed?

It’s there all right
All you have to do is see
Do your best to help, comfort, give hugs, hold hands, anything that’s required
For those who need you
Because they truly do…

Photography & Written by AARZU SANDHU

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