Take Me Home by Will-O-Wisp (Wispofthoughts)


This is for all the girls who once had stars in their eyes,
long before the blackholes found home in their hearts.
This is for all the people who found home in other beings,
disregarding the emptiness stretching out in their own souls.
This is for all the people who had their homes shattered by bombs,
and for all those who had their homes shattered when people left.
This is for all the children who learnt too early the meaning of ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘broken’,
but do not know what ‘home’ is supposed to be.
And this is for all the children out there in the streets,
building castles in their minds and calling it home.
This is for them spending a lifetime behind bars,
not able to remember what home used to feel like.
This is for the people who run away from home,
because home is not a place, but a feeling.
This is for the people who tasted home in another person,
only to wake up and find themselves falling from the roof.
This is for the poets who search for home in paper and ink,
for lost souls can never be tethered.
This is for the boy who cries himself to sleep on his own bed
and the girl who cannot summon sleep or make her wandering mind stay even at four in the morning,
those who think ‘home’ is only an empty shell waiting to burn down.
This is for the houses with colours and lights,
and yet fail to make themselves a home for the souls that go to sleep there.
And this is for the misfits and those who are tagged ‘different’,
searching for a sense of belonging in a world that seems beyond their reach.



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