My Life With Wildlife by Malvika Rudra Verma

As said by Bindi Irwin “I feel like I’m nothing without wildlife. They are the stars. I feel awkward without them.”

Here we introduce a person who believes in the similar words and has channelized her passion of photography and poetry by combined together and discovered a new world of opportunities – Malvika Rudra Verma.

Malvika is an ardent wildlife lover and want to be a conservationist as well. For her photography is something that gives peace and she wants to be a wildlife photographer to remain closer to nature and click wildlife at its best. Besides photography, she loves to read, write and travel. She has been inspired by the wildlife photos and also written beautiful lines on them. Just have a look at them below.

Majestic Tiger


You call me majestic,

I am artistic, my paws gestic

Some harm me, they say I am atrocious,

But I a creation of God; I am intense, more sagacious.

You say my roar chills ur spine,

Sending me in dark you want to shine

I am wild but so are you

I am no human but my eyes speak a view…


Let me fly


The cadence of the sad heart
The murmuring of the fettered soul
The wet eyes in the twilight
The falling leaves
And the falling me
All were waiting to be released..
Now I see the dawn
Now m an unfettered soul
Now let me fly 💫
The world is waiting for me…

How can I be alone when my shadow is there?


While walking on the murmuring roads

Accompanied by the rustling of the leaves

A shadow hovered above me

The nature lighted up my heart

Light penetrated into the dark

I could see the lighted path

A door opened in front of me

But where this path would lead

As I walked I realised I wasn’t alone

I was still followed by a shadow

And this was my own shadow

That followed me quietly till eternity…..


Oceanic Eyes


Sun kissed beauty
Oceanic eyes
Asking or saying
A thousand words
The eyes giving a ray of light
In the cavern of our hearts
I ask, how can anyone not love you?

She could be contacted at her Instagram Page

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