Tender Hopes by Silpika Mahanta Phukan

tender hopes
Photography by DIMPY GOGOI

The August rush it was. The sun was already up in the sky. She woke up a bit late and realized that she is no more near her mom and neither she is the princess in the Taylor Swift videos as she is about to start her new yet the quite most common phase of a teenager’s life. Everything she has for herself was just the memories down the lane and was surrounded by some more so called princesses like her who is going to be her family for a few yet most important part of her life. Yes, the hostel life, the life where she has to struggle to get everything she needed. She feared that she could easily loose herself in this new artificially decorated world which she is about to make for herself in the next five years.

“Samaira, get up, you are getting late for the college”, Riti, her roommate shouted.

And Samaira, she was completely lost at her own world. She was in a deep thought that how she could manage herself without her counterpart, her mom besides her amidst these unknown people which seemed to be the greatest nightmare for her. How could she be able to solve the complexities of this new stringent world of her being a new comer in to it?

“Sammy, baby here’s your table done. Come soon have your breakfast or else you will be late,” her mom softly told her. Samaira suddenly woke up and to her surprise she noticed that she has got only half an hour in her hand to get ready for school. She hurriedly did all her chores and got ready for school, had her breakfast and then in a rush bid her mom good bye and went out. She didn’t even care for the dishes she left at the table.

“Samairaaaa!!!” shouted Riti. Samaira was hopping between the reality and her world of thoughts. She shockingly woke up at the sharp tone of Riti’s voice and sat on her bed; hurriedly she got ready for her college and started walking out of her hostel gate towards her college. On her way she was again lost in her thoughts without paying attention to her friend who was busy defining herself to Samaira. This time her thoughts pinched her and she could feel this agony straight in her heart. She was lost thinking about her father whom she lost just a year ago and also her mother how alone she might be without her. She assembled everything she could that was related to herself and her parents in her thoughts. Aww…. Samaira the poor girl! How excruciating it might be to have her father just in her memories in the phase when she needed him the most.

She walked ahead still lost in her thoughts, until she realised that her cheeks were wet as the salty water strolled down her eyes and was surrounded by her friends gazing at her. Oh, it’s college she suddenly realised, the place where she can complete all her tender dreams of being a successful person and her desire to give her mom all the happiness of the world. She wiped off her tears and melted down with her friends all of a sudden.

Most of us, who got a chance to live in hostel, will feel the above article close to their hearts. This touching article is written by Silpika Mohanta. Writing indebted in her since childhood and it is a way for her to express her emotions, mood swings and tantrums about something. She prefers writing short stories which are inspired by real life incidents and most of them have woman as centralized character. Now her passion for the writing inspired her to have an  own blog – The Unwritten Visit her blog to read more write-ups. 

We, ‘The Uncommon Box’ team wishes her bright future and hoping for more emotional and inspirational write-ups to be share by her to the world. May soon, she become one of the famous authors. God bless her.

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