Raho Umarless by Dhanashree Shah

In a Country like India where you can find beggars at every street I met someone who just in few minutes’ drive gave me a big message of living life with integrity irrespective of age or financial condition. A message which says age is nothing but a number and ‘Jiyo Umarless’ was the only thing I could think of looking at him.

Today as I was late (which is routine these days) I took a cab, after looking at his age it was probably easy for me to wonder why at this age he was still driving a cab??? But something was holding me back to ask this question may be I was having some hint of what I will get to know or else I could be wrong. I was confused, may be it would have been easy for me to ask but may be difficult for him to answer, I don’t know…!!!

His age was narrating his story but his face was not, he looked satisfied, peaceful, calm and happy. I even wanted to ask for his picture but couldn’t. Throughout the way I kept on thinking what was it that might have forced him to run a cab across the city. What was it which kept him going on? I kept thinking but couldn’t gather the courage of asking him this question.

Though I was getting late I didn’t asked him to rush, he was driving safely & very calmly. On one side where he inspired me with age no bar “Raho Umarless” spirit he also left me with few questions behind. But I just hope and wish him lots of good luck to live his life with the same pride I saw him that day.

Dhanashree Shah

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