Road Doctor – who spends his pension for other’s safety

Yes, it’s true. In this world where people are busy with their own life and possessions, are always stressed, blaming and abusing each other for petty issues. Here is a terrific example of Service to Mankind by a 67-year old person ‘Mr. Gangadhar Tilak Katnam’ who is contributing towards transforming India a better place to travel by filling the potholes on the road.

Potholes on the roads are one of the major causes for road accidents specially during monsoon season when they are filled with water. These potholes make our ride exhaustive and causes various health issues like back pain, spondylitis etc.

Gangadhar Tilak Katnam is a retired railway employee from Hyderabad and ex-employee from Infotech (IT solutions). He fills up every pothole on the road which comes across his way. He spends his pension money to make road safer for others. Till now he had repaired over 1,125 potholes in Hyderabad city.

He turned his car into a Pothole Ambulance and Sharmdaan is mentioned over it. He carries the material required to repair the potholes in his car all the times and most of the times, he did it under the blazing sun as tar need sunlight to be dried properly.

Mr. Katnam has inspired many people to take up the public service and on weekends, many IT professional join him in his “Shramadaan” (voluntary contribution of labour) by filling up the potholes.

Hats off to his efforts especially what he is doing at this age. He is a real inspiration for all of us

This has forced us to this that what the youngster of this Nation are doing for bringing the change in our county.


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