Fighting with Thyroid by Indu Singh

I know the title will grab the attention like Fighting with Thyrioid… it’s not even considered a mainstream disease and then how can someone be fighting with it.

Well, someone who is quite a health conscious and keep try to be fit, instead of being a food lover will definitely take a set back from a uncontrollable weight gain. So here I am sitting and thinking like every other women damn why me. I don’t want this disease that’s come with a baggage of fat.

Today finally I got my Thyroid test done after facing severe pain in my heels. I was expecting this least because I was thinking how come Thyroid can be associated with heel pain. So with quite confidence I went to pick up my report and to my utter surprise, I was having hyperthyroid. I was shocked; I called my Mom and told her this new funny thing happened with me. I was even more shocked to know that even my Mom had Hyperthyroid, so here it is, it was in genes. She assured me it’s not a big deal just follow the medication properly. I care a damn about the disease, all I was worrying was my weight gain.

I am a typical Delhi Girl who loves to wear good clothes and flaunt it too. Now what I will do with my new Zara dress that I bought one size small (as I was getting in sale), I thought I will fit it. But now it’s all wasted, I have to pass it on to my younger sister who is always in perfect shape (damn why not me). She always gets all such stuff and from me, lucky her that her elder sister goes out of her size every other day.

Now it’s been 3 months and I am somehow managing with my new friend Thyroid and doing every bit my doctor has suggested. Apart from medicines I am also exercising regularly so that I look like a normal human being and not a fat ball 😉

I have realized also that I have to live with it and so better be good friend with it and then it’s no Big problem. In case you also come across with Thyroid (like majority of females do) don’t be bothered just follow the medicines, have a good diet and don’t forget to exercise.



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