10 Creative Doodling with Real Objects by Artist Neha Malik

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. A creative person puts his/her imagination in different ways to produce the most extraordinary result which differentiates his/her artwork from others. Some uses graphics to make complicated design whereas some do the photo shoot in different angle, just to be different. Since we have started featuring artworks of people (photographer, designer, artist, writer, traveler, blogger, food reviewer etc) as a part of ‘The Uncommon Box’ especially on Instagram through our hashtag #TheUncommonBox, who want to live their passion; we realized that creativity is not what we think; creativity can be in anything which is around us. Creativity can be in food, object, nature etc…

Few artist really impressed us and one of them is artist Neha Mallik and her work really changed our way of thinking and looking at them. We have never thought that the common things around us could be showcased in such a different way.

NEHA MALIK, an illustration artist by choice. She is from Dehradun and completed her graduation in animation. She loves her regular office work but she does doodling in the free time and for gets creative satisfaction. She does doodling using real life object and which has impressed us and after that we realised creativity can be in any simple thing.

Here is some of her artwork which consists of our daily routine things and made us to think again that why wouldn’t we think like this…

1. Have you travelled on banana boat? If no, then travel now and enjoy the journey…

banan boat

2.  Safety pin can be a dress of dancer. Don’t believe us, have a look and we are sure you will love it…

pin dancer

3.  Take a break and have a ride on scrap paper hot air balloon, isn’t it amazing? 


4.  We know that biscuits are only for eating. Hey, look here another use of them as tyres for van…

oreo one

5.  I have colored my hair. How’s my new look? Wonderful use of rubber band…

hairband girl

6. Use pesticides; otherwise this sweet caterpillar will ruin your leaf. Awesome use of gems.

gems caterpiller

7.  Can anyone help me to find out my bone? It got misplaced between the black stones. Nice combination of grapes and doodle…

dog bones

8. Give me more grapes; I love this kind of grapes a lot. They will help me to increase my bank balance…

money grapes

9.  Time Please, I don’t have a watch like you. Have you seen a big hand watch tower. Oh it’s bigger than Big Ben, London…


10.  Oh it’s Wednesday, time for a hard work. It is difficult to cross it…


These are few examples of artwork which is creatively made using our daily life objects and are really inspiring. She is quite active on Instagram and her profile name is threadologie. She is reachable through malikneha8@gmail.com and can be enquired for freelance work too.

We, The Uncommon Box team wishes her bright future and hoping for more creative work to be share by her to the world.

If you wish, your work to be showcased through our medium, mail us with your work or any online link or page or any social media page, at theuncommonbox@gmail.com. We will review and let you know for featuring the same.

If you are on instagram follow us @TheUncommonBox where we feature art work. You have to use our hashtag #TheUncommonBox for the same. You can reach us on FB too by following our “THE UNCOMMON BOX” Page and can Tweet @TheUncommonBox



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